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MMR Merck whistle blower: Merck deliberately covered up vaccine/autism link

www.lindermanunleashed.com Curt Linderman Sr. August 22, 2014

As countless children continue to be harmed and even killed by the dangerous vaccine policies of our government in collusion with the pharmaceutical manufacturers, parents and many medical professionals continue to be demonized for speaking out against these dangerous vaccines and the harm caused to so many. 

Dr. Brian Hooker, a frequent guest on my former radio program and father of a vaccine injured son has been fighting for the truth regarding the vaccine program for years. He has spent countless hours fighting with the CDC, through FOIA (freedom of information act) petitions and has recently written a study that clearly shows the criminal acts of the CDC. You can read the official study HERE.

Recently a CDC whistle blower and senior government scientist; William Thompson, has broken 13 years of silence and has come forward to make the very real claim that the CDC has been aware of the MMR vaccine and autism link. His proof: studies submitted to the CDC clearly showing the direct link and causal affect between the MMR vaccine and male African American children.  Dr. Brian Hooker's study that looks back at these findings, clearly states "The present study provides new evidence of a statistically significant relationship between the timing of the first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African American males." 

​I have been constantly dismayed whenever a news story  (either print or television) discusses the vaccine safety question, that the name of Dr. Andrew Wakefield is constantly referenced strictly because the powers that be have tried, successfully, to slander his name as a fraud...despite the fact that Dr. Wakefield's findings have been replicated numerous times and parents around the world claim the very same incidents of vaccine injury followed by an autism diagnosis.

I have often wondered how long it would take for a scientist's conscience to finally become too much. Well that question has been answered. While this should be a time to celebrate the fact that we will finally be getting some answers (and hopefully justice) this cannot be the case. The government and pharma have too much at stake and to be honest, I actually fear for this whistle blower's safety. We all know the tactics of these scumbag liars. They will slander this man. They will threaten this man and his family (if that hasn't already happened.

We also will have the issue that has become all-too-often the case: the main stream media will cover this up, ignore it altogether or even work, as they have in the past, to further slander this scientists name and reputation. Let's be clear: the alternative media will have to get this message out. We do not rely on advertising dollars from pharma...we do not get government bailouts and talking points from the government and we do not lie for profit at the cost of human lives as the main stream media has done for decades.

Now is the time to get this message out to everyone. The time has come for justice. The time has come to make these despicable people pay for the damage done to generations of our children.

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