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Linderman Unleashed Rabid News

Linderman Unleashed May 15, 2015

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By TLB Radio Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman

Citizen’s Health Freedoms Violated with Proposed Draconian Vaccine Bills

This week on Linderman Unleashed I welcome Terry Roark who is neck deep in the fight against California House Bills 277 and 792. After countless hours over the past months fighting for California’s health freedoms, Terry has graciously accepted my invitation to let the Linderman Unleashed audience hear just what is going on. This is an issue that we must all be concerned about. Other states are following suit and submitting similar bills and destroying these proposed laws is the first step towards making legislators across America and even the world, understand that we are awake and ready to fight.

HB 277 removes all religious and philosophical exemptions from California law for school aged children (in California these two are lumped together and called Personal Belief Exemptions). HB 792 forces daycare workers, preschool employees and others to be up-to-date on the CDC recommended adult vaccine schedule in order to maintain their employment. Terry and I both believe that with a vaccination rate of school aged children well above the 95% range in California, that the vaccine manufacturers are forcing this Bill through the committees using their puppet legislators with the goal of increasing vaccine sales.

The fight rages on and many parents throughout the state of California have been visiting their legislators voicing their disgust at these laws that are designed to increase profits and destroy our health liberties. Thousands are showing up at the Committee hearings and making sure that their voices are heard.

Imagine if you will; a child that has had a previous adverse reaction to a vaccine. Under HB 277, this child would not fit the criteria to receive a medical exemption from his or her doctor. Previous episodes of post vaccination seizures would not fit the criteria. Asthma, chronic eczema or a whole host of other conditions that prove that your child has an auto immune condition would not be a reason for your child to be exempted.

Even if your child had previously had chicken pox, diphtheria or the measles, your child would not be allowed to be exempted from the vaccines! These bills violate the Bill of Rights, the Nuremburg Code and just plain ol’ common sense and they must be defeated. The parents in this fight, like Terry who lost her son to a vaccine injury, need our support in any way that we can help.

Join Terry and I as we look into the lawmakers that have sponsored these Bills and hear how the medical lobbyists blatantly coach these pathetic freshmen senators even as they are in the committee hearings! Learn about the shenanigans taking place at these committee hearings where it is obvious to anyone with an IQ above 60 that the deck is stacked against us.

Will these Bills pass and go for a vote in the next committee or general assembly or will we see a mass exodus of thinking parents that are truly concerned with their children’s health as they flee the once free republic of California? Join us today and learn more!



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Six Month-Old Baby Dies Just Five Days After Receiving 13 Vaccines

Christina England      April 23 2015

Imagine being emotionally blackmailed by your doctor to have your baby vaccinated with a lethal cocktail of 13 vaccines, which included two doses of the DTaP, three doses of the oral rotavirus vaccine and two doses of the polio vaccination. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

However, this is exactly what happened to Alisa Neathery when she took her six month-old unvaccinated baby to the doctor for the first time.

She told VacTruth:

“Prior to the shots being given, when the doctor was discussing the pros of getting vaccinated with me, he explained how he was from a village in Africa. That we were lucky in America to have the opportunity to receive vaccines because where he was from, the mothers had to have like 11 kids each, since most would die off from disease because they were not as fortunate to receive vaccines like we are here in America. He really pushed them on me hard. He spent a lot of time convincing me to give Bently the vaccines, but when it was done, we never saw the doctor again.”

According to Alisa, the doctor spent a long time deciding exactly which vaccinations Bently should receive and told Alisa that they shouldn’t give him too many. The doctor eventually decided on a total of 13 vaccinations, which Alisa now believes led to Bently’s death just five days later.

If this were not bad enough, the hospital then decided to blame Alisa for Bently’s death and called child protective services (CPS), who immediately removed her two year-old daughter from the home and gave her to the grandmother to care for her.

Fortunately, her daughter was returned a few months later.

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