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Linderman Unleashed Rabid Talk Radio has recently signed on with the Liberty Beacon Project!

I am proud to announce that I have recently been in contact with Roger Landry, the owner of Liberty Beacon, and we have worked together to bring Linderman Unleashed back on the air. While the time has yet to be announced, LU will debut by the end of April 2015 with a show per week with the hopes of landing sponsors and bringing the program back to a 5 day per week program! I am thrilled to become a member of the Liberty Beacon Project and truly feel as if I am now at a home that I can truly bring Linderman Unleashed to the next level. I hope that  all of you will support the show and the Liberty Beacon Project!


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Six Month-Old Baby Dies Just Five Days After Receiving 13 Vaccines

Christina England      April 23 2015

Imagine being emotionally blackmailed by your doctor to have your baby vaccinated with a lethal cocktail of 13 vaccines, which included two doses of the DTaP, three doses of the oral rotavirus vaccine and two doses of the polio vaccination. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

However, this is exactly what happened to Alisa Neathery when she took her six month-old unvaccinated baby to the doctor for the first time.

She told VacTruth:

“Prior to the shots being given, when the doctor was discussing the pros of getting vaccinated with me, he explained how he was from a village in Africa. That we were lucky in America to have the opportunity to receive vaccines because where he was from, the mothers had to have like 11 kids each, since most would die off from disease because they were not as fortunate to receive vaccines like we are here in America. He really pushed them on me hard. He spent a lot of time convincing me to give Bently the vaccines, but when it was done, we never saw the doctor again.”

According to Alisa, the doctor spent a long time deciding exactly which vaccinations Bently should receive and told Alisa that they shouldn’t give him too many. The doctor eventually decided on a total of 13 vaccinations, which Alisa now believes led to Bently’s death just five days later.

If this were not bad enough, the hospital then decided to blame Alisa for Bently’s death and called child protective services (CPS), who immediately removed her two year-old daughter from the home and gave her to the grandmother to care for her.

Fortunately, her daughter was returned a few months later.

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