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July 14, 2014 New World Order Wednesday Final Episode This is the final episode of Linderman Unleashed on Natural News 

Today on Linderman Unleashed’s NWO Wednesday Replay: Jeff Hays, author of the book The Rise of the New World Order, the Culling of Man is joining us to discuss FEMA, Executive Orders that destroy our liberties and the 9-11 truth movement. We’ll also be discussing a document that was signed in 1976 that should disturb the hell out of you. It’s a document signed by traitorous senators and congressmen that destroys our sovereignty and further destroys America as they are determined to bring us into a one world government. Some of the senators and congress people that signed this document are still in D.C. and still hell bent on bringing the culmination of this document to fruition. Join us at 2 PM EST at Natural News Radio.com and check out our FB pageHERE

Beginning this Wednesday I will be airing my debut show on Liberty Movement Radio. This will be a once a week, two hour radio program focusing on liberty issues as well as the other topics that you have listened to me cover over the years.I think this will be a good fit for Linderman Unleashed and I look forward to having my listeners check it out. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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